Constitution & ByLaws

The IWC is a non-profit organization which provides English-speaking women a forum in which to meet socially to exchange ideas and cultural knowledge. We do not recommend legal or immigration advice. Members often donate their time and talents for community service projects.

The name of the organization shall be “International Women’s Club of Cancun”, and, in Spanish, Club Internacional de Damas de Cancún.

The International Women’s Club of Cancun is formed with the purpose of providing English-speaking women with the opportunity to meet socially to exchange ideas, talents and cultural knowledge; and to contribute those ideas and talents to benefit our community.
We seek to be a non-profit organization in that funds and dues collected are for club expenses and to further our commitment to community service only. We strive to assist the English-speaking women living in Mexico; we do not endeavor to recommend legal, immigration or other advice in any way.

Membership is open to all English-speaking women residing in Cancun, Mexico or its surrounding area. The only requirements for membership are 1) English language fluency and 2) Payment of yearly dues.

Program and/or general membership meetings shall be held monthly. Interest Group Meetings shall be held at the discretion of the group chairperson and group members.

A) If deemed necessary the President will appoint a committee to review and revise the Constitution and By-laws.
B) The committee, upon completion of its work, will report to the Board who will in turn submit the proposed changes to the General Membership for approval.
C) Approval will follow the voting regulations for Elections as detailed in the By-laws.

If for any reason the International Women’s Club ceases to exist, any remaining funds held in its name will be donated to a Beneficial Institution or Organization voted by the simple majority of the membership.

A) Program and or general membership meetings shall be held on the first Saturday of the month, March through March.
B) Time and location or changes in meeting dates shall be specified by notice to members at least two weeks in advance.
C) Interest Group Meetings:
1. Interest group meetings shall be held at the discretion of each individual group chairperson and group members.
2. Groups are formed on the basis of membership interest. Suggestions are to be solicited from the general membership by the Program Coordinator.

Vice President
Programming Coordinator
Community Service Coordinator
Membership Coordinator
Public Relations Coordinator/Historian-Ex-Officio
Newsletter Editor-Ex-Officio

A) PRESIDENT – presides at meetings; holds Board Meetings; receives officer’s reports; is responsible for following and revising the Constitution and By Laws and the Protocolizacion de Una Acta de Asamblea General as needed, and is co-signer on bank account with the Treasurer and the Vice President.
B) VICE PRESIDENT – presides at meetings and represents the Club when the President is not available, provides direction and assistance to other officers as needed, and is co-signer on bank account with the President and the Treasurer.
C) PROGRAMMING COORDINATOR- coordinates interest group and organizes programs for general meetings; heads refreshment committee.
D) COMMUNITY SERVICE COORDINATOR- coordinates all community service projects; presents proposed beneficiaries to the general membership for discussion and majority vote at the April General Meeting. Holds monthly meetings with project directors and community service members; provides updated reports at Board and General Meetings; and represents the club at the Consejo Estatal No Gobermentales (Council of the Non -Governmental Organizations).
E) MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR – promotes IWC and actively seeks new membership for the club; communicates with new members to insure guidance in new Cancun situation; is responsible for name tags and with Treasurer, maintains membership records; notifies members of upcoming meetings-events, and works with Treasurer during General Meetings. Provides accountant with materials needed for an official audit when required. Provides membership with a detailed balance sheet at January meeting.
F) TREASURER – collects and keeps a complete record of dues; with Membership Coordinator maintains membership records and club forms; pays out disbursements and provides monthly account of balance and disbursements. Attends Community Service meetings. Drafts annual budget to be reviewed by Board in December and presented to general membership in January.
G) SECRETARY – makes room arrangements for General Meetings; takes minutes at General, Board, and Community Service meetings and keeps a typed record of each; answers all correspondence; is responsible for social and business correspondence.
H) PUBLIC RELATIONS COORDINATOR/HISTORIAN – maintains the historical archives of IWC and organizes publicity for the club, its events and community service projects with elected Board Members, especially Community Service, Programming and Membership.
I) NEWSLETTER EDITOR – solicits news items from elected Board Members and membership at large for club newsletter which is available to members at the General Meetings.

A) Elections shall be held yearly in November and Board members shall serve from the first meeting in January to the last meeting in December of the following year.
B) Officers who cannot complete their term of office shall be replaced by Board appointment to serve until the next regular election.

A) All votes require a simple majority.
B) Fifty-one percent (51%) of the paid membership is required for all general membership votes. If a quorum has not been met by 10:30 a.m. forty percent (40%) of the paid membership is required. If, in an additional 15 minutes a quorum has not been met,
thirty percent (30%) of the paid membership is required.
C) Members who are unable to attend the Annual Meeting in February may vote by written proxy.

A) The nominating committee is comprised of three board members and three members at large appointed by the Board.
B) The maximum number of members on the nominating committee equals six.
C) The President or President-designate is chairperson of the nominating committee.
D) The committee shall meet each January to form the slate to be presented in the February General Meeting. Proposed officers shall be individually contacted prior to their announcement on the slate. Members will be advised of the slate, if possible, two weeks
before the February meeting.
E) The chairperson of the nominating committee will appoint an election observer who will ascertain that a quorum has been met and tally the votes if needed.
F) An officer serves for one term and can be re-elected for a maximum of two terms for the same office.
G) The slate shall be presented to the General Membership by the President or President-designate.
H) The slate shall be presented for a unanimous vote. If it is not accepted, the Chairperson calls for nominations from the floor for each office. If no new candidates are nominated for slated positions, the originally proposed officers need not be re-nominated.
I) Votes shall be by a show of hands with the nominated members not present, if other than a unanimous vote.
J) New officers shall preside at the following General Meeting in March.

The Board Members constitute the seven elected officers and two ex-officio officers, Historian/Publicity Coordinator and Newsletter Editor. The Board is responsible for a yearly review of the Constitution at the beginning of its elected term and the proposed budget at the end of its term. The Board Members shall meet as often as designated by the President and minutes are to be taken.
Dates of the Board Meetings are announced by the President at General Meetings and are open to all members. General Members shall not have voting rights at Board Meetings. If an unannounced Board Meeting must be held, minutes shall be made available at the
following General Meeting.

A) Dues are paid every February. New members ONLY, joining after July, will pay half the designated annual dues.
B) Assessments may be made as needed for specific projects as agreed upon by the General Membership.
C) The Board will review the required dues annually at the close of the fiscal year. If an increase is deemed necessary, the Board will recommend the same to the General Membership at the January meeting when the budget is approved. Voting will be by a simple majority of those present.

A) Committee heads are appointed by the Board Members to serve specific short or long term functions.
B) Committee heads will be responsible for forming their respective committees and reporting their activities at Board and/or General Meetings. They may be re-appointed each March to serve another term. Standing Committees include, but are not limited to, Newcomers Committee and Events Committee.
C) Ex-officio Board Members such as, but not limited to, Historian/Publicity Coordinator and Newsletter Editor are also appointed by the Board and may be re-appointed each March to serve another term.

Revised 2002