History of the Club

The International Women’s Club of Cancun was formed in 1983. The original idea was to bring together English-speaking women to help each other adapt to Cancun, to make friends, and to make Cancun a better place through community service. That idea remains fundamental to the Club’s mission today.

Each year the IWC awards one woman the title of Woman of the Year. This award is given to a woman who has made special effort to help the club and further its mission.

Women of the Year:
2011 Indra Rojo Chapman
2010 Jennifer Hamer
2009 Kimberley Rivero
2008 Carmelita Castro
2007 Hilda Navarro
2006 Award Not Given
2005 Alisha Sullivan
2004 Nancy Myers
2003 Maureen Murphy
2002 Maja Kreso
2001 Gina Pinet
2000 Penny Salley
1999 Recipient Unknown
1998 Recipient Unknown
1997 Pia Brennan
1996 Carmen Bianca Pino
1995 Recipient Unknown
1994 Linda Schwarz
1993 Nancy Marroquin
1992 Linda Castillo

The following women have served the IWC as President. We are forever indebted to them for their hard work and dedication the mission of the IWC.

Current and Past Presidents of the IWC:
2013 Cynthia Davis
2012 Ellinor Hansen
2011 Indra Rojo Chapman
2010 Indra Rojo Chapman
2009 Jennifer Hamer
2008 Indra Rojo Chapman
2007 Nancy Myers
2006 Jane Acosta
2005 Nancy Myers
2004 Yolanda Ebergenyi
2003 Yolanda Ebergenyi
2002 Caroline Araño
2001 Caroline Araño
2000 Carmen Bianca Pino
1999 Liane Lutz-Brown
1998 Carina Monroy
1997 Vicky Domenech
1996 Vicky Domenech
1995 Linda Schwarz
1994 Linda Schwarz
1993 Carmen Bianca Pino
1992 Graça Freitas
1991 Denise Fullerton Gomez
1990 Carolyn Parkhurst
1989 Carolyn Parkhurst
1988 Louise Mattos
1987 Louise Mattos
1986 Gennie Valdez
1985 Gennie Valdez
1984 Deborah Urioste
1983 Deborah Urioste