Community Service

Serving Our Community
An important aspect of the International Women’s Club of Cancun is our on-going commitment to community service projects. Our fundraiser activities provide a way to combine the social and charitable aspects of the Club.

IWC is a legally constituted Civil Association in Mexico under the name Club Internacional de Damas de Cancún, A.C. The membership club dues cover all club expenses and we give 100% of the money we raise directly to charity.


The IWC Board had decided to name the AITANA Foundation our beneficiary this year. AITANA is a foundation created to help children with cancer in Quintana Roo.
Cancún does not have pediatric oncologists, chemotherapy or radiotherapy devices at the Social Security’s installations. The children have to be transported to Mérida, Chetumal or Mexico City for their treatments. A donation of $500.00 a month will enable a child to receive a round trip bus ticket to the treatment center, necessary meals and a hotel room. The treatments are very debilatating.
IWC is looking forward to assisting these children in a variety of ways.

In order to support ASTRA-CANCUN  (a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being and development of  autistic children) we organized a Talent Show for Middle and High Schools in Cancun. A great many schools agreed to help the cause and give their time and musical talents of their students, individual performers as well as groups. Hard Rock Café generously opened especially for the event hours ahead of time on the the day of the event, Saturday April 27. The schools did a great job of organizing the performances and lots of tickets were sold. The proceeds of the tickets sale was used to donate computers and other equipment to be used in educational and therapeutical activities with the children of ASTRA.
The main beneficiary in 2012 was Huellas de Pan, A.C.  It is a non profit organization working to bring better nutrition to school children in urban zones of Cancun, at the time time actively encouraging and facilitating education and self sufficiency.  (Spanish text on their web page: Huellas de Pan es una Asociación Civil sin fines de lucro que trabaja para brindar seguridad alimentaria, proporcionando alimentos nutritivos a las personas vulnerables en la zona urbana de Cancún, generando las oportunidades que contribuyan a que las personas se sustenten a sí mismas. 

We also supported  the Hogar de los Ancianos (a home for the elderly) of Ciudad de la Alegrí­a and facilitated a visit from a US organization called who donated school uniforms and a washing machine to orphans here.